Welcome to Zipett - come meet the team!

So here we are! You may have found us through word of mouth from your friends, or signed up to receive a discount at your local café. Perhaps you simply clicked a link on your favourite social media platform, or maybe you know someone on the team (hi, Mum!). 

Regardless, it’s great to see you here, at what is for you the beginning of an exciting journey into a powerful new digital currency platform, but what is for us just the latest step in a project which has been developing for over a decade.

The founder of Zipett, Robert Tidy, has been working on this project in various forms since the heady days of 2007. Although it has been through many iterations, one thing has remained constant - the formation of a digital community built on trust. The advent of blockchain technology, and its ability to increase trust through trustless transactions (ironic, hey?) was a natural fit, and influenced Robert to become one of the earliest major investors in Bitcoin, back when that digital gold was worth just $0.05 a coin. 

Even Alexander the Great didn’t conquer Greece alone, however. A project is bigger than any one man or woman, and the key to an undertaking of this scope is having the right people on your side. To this end, Zipett brought on two leaders in their respective industries - Caroline MacDonald and Kym Gallagher.


Caroline is a born leader. Currently serving as Chairwoman of Progressive Investment Management Group, which houses the world’s biggest reciprocal trade communities, she also serves on the board of the International Reciprocal Trade Association, the peak body for the trade exchange industry - as well as acting as a licensed real estate agent and advising governments on new world economic structures and policies. She brings a wealth of experience and invaluable professional networks to Zipett.

Kym Gallagher is another powerhouse. A veteran of multiple IPOs and mergers, Kym has presided over deals worth more than $1.35 billion - a record we’re hoping to smash with Zipett. He currently serves as CFO of Viva Leisure, Australasia’s largest fitness conglomerate, and his financial acumen provides the third pillar of Zipett’s executive team.

It’s important to note that these three captains of industry haven’t simply come together for Zipett, however. Kym and Robert have worked together over the last few decades, with Kym originally starting as a client of Robert’s in the pre-blockchain days. Caroline’s and Rob’s fathers also knew each other and indeed pioneered several innovative developments in their respective fields together. You can’t start a digital community built on trust, without having trust in the people around you - and you can’t get more trusting than family. That’s what Zipett’s all about.

Speaking of which, our CTO, Vikas Khosla, is part of that same trusted family. Having worked directly with Caroline for the past 18 years, Vikas is an integral part of team - particularly as he brings his strong background in FinTech working on digital wallets and non-cash payment solutions to bear. We believe that technology should be used to solve some of the world’s problems - and we believe that Vikas is a fantastic embodiment of that problem-solving ideal.

Another piece of the puzzle is Reno Nicastro. Having worked with Rob for close to forty years, Reno has used his vision and foresight to ride the waves of some of the biggest developments in business - adapting to the changing landscapes in the entertainment sectors, pioneering new business models in the hospitality industry, and more recently, developing DoTalk, an innovative translation and communication app which is now part of the Zipett stable. 

Last, we have Jarrad Parke. After meeting Rob in Sydney in the mid-2010s, the two stayed in touch. As Zipett evolved to its current, ultimate form, his past experiences in the trade and digital currency industries, as well as senior project management within the energy industry, made him a natural fit to move into Zipett.

So that’s who we are. But what do we do?

Well, that’s a post for another day…

… like tomorrow.

See you then!

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